DBA Brasil 3.0 – I was.

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Hi guys

On Saturday, May 5 was conducted the DBA Brasil 3.0.

It’s probably the largest multi-platform event for database and data from Brasil.

The event was amazing, around 500 people among speakers, audience and organization participated during the day.

During the event, were collected 400 kg of food for donation.

Sessions with Alex Zaballa, Rodrigo Jorge, Franky Weber, Renato Groffe, Fábio Prado, Fábio Telles, Fábio Cotrim, Diego Andrade, Thiago Ferreira, Reinaldo Cantídio, Nilton Ueda, Ricardo Rezende, Adriano Alves Bonacin e Dickson Guedes among other speakers ensured the success of the event.

My session talked about cloning and restoring with RMAN and Flashback on Oracle 12cR2.

If you wish, please download the pdf session here.

Thank you all and see you on next year on DBA Brasil 4.0.  

Some photos of the event.


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